Because every brand

is capable of creating experiences that enrich lives; experiences that can change the world.

Nice to meet you, I'm Charles.

I’m an award-winning multidisciplinary Creative Director based in Houston, Texas. My expertise centers around telling compelling stories that set brands apart from their competition, with a passion for leading highly creative teams.

My background for the last ten years has focused on the strategy and creative direction of content that drives action. My work is fueled by passion, grit, and a lot of tea.

My interests include learning new skills, traveling, music, spending time with my family, and building connections through technology and gaming. 

My Skills

Branding & Creative Strategy

9 years of branding experience generating campaigns and creative for brands and those that matter to them.

Content Production

7 years of broadcasting with a mixture of live production and post-production experience for major brands


Marketing-focused storyteller with a focus on translating data and analytics into actionable insights.


Passionate about leading highly-creative teams to achieve company objectives.